Our Team

Jo-Anne Weltman

Owner of Smile Therapy for Kids


Jo-Anne Weltman graduated from Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1991 with a B.S.c. in Physiotherapy. Since then, she has completed her MRSc. with research in hip dysplasia in Cerebral Palsy. She has taken numerous courses over the years, including NDT, Conductive Education, Therapeutic Taping, Theratogs application, Therasuit Approach, TASES (NMES), Vestibular-Ocular therapy, CVI, CME III (1 of first 3 in the world trained), Reflex Integration, Sensory Integration, Orthopaedics in Children – to name a few.

Jo-Anne’s objective has always been to provide the best services to the children that she works with. So she opened S.M.I.L.E. Therapy for Kids, a private practice that specializes in child development, to meet the demand for all areas of developmental and orthopedic therapy in children. She continues to research and find the best treatments for all the children that are under her care and connects with specialists all over the world to achieve this.

Jo-Anne is the co-founder of Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) therapy.
She travels to various countries to provide therapy intensives for groups of families who request her services. Jo-Anne is looking forward to continuing to mentor and train/teach new therapists to become stronger in this field and will carry on traveling and teaching as many people in as many places as possible to help children worldwide.


Ashley Bergman

Physiotherapist (Vaughan)

Asha Chaudary

Physiotherapist (Vaughan)

Erica Coulson

Physiotherapist (Burlington)

Nicole Ellis

Physiotherapist (Burlington)

Jenn Evans

Physiotherapist (Vaughan)

Lindsey Gibb

Physiotherapist (Vaughan)

Riley Kitchen

Physiotherapist (Vaughan)

Priyanka Kumar

Physiotherapist (Vaughan)

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Physiotherapist (Burlington)

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Physiotherapist (Vaughan)

Shruti Pradhan

Physiotherapist (Burlington)

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Physiotherapist (Vaughan)

Jenny Wolever

Physiotherapist (Vaughan)

Occupational Therapy

Annie Christophilakis

Occupational Therapist (Vaughan)

Louise Dionne

Occupational Therapist (Burlington)

Natalie Istanboulian

Occupational Therapist (Burlington)

Sabrina Sappal

Occupational Therapist (Vaughan/Burlington)

Sara Shear

Occupational Therapist (Vaughan)

Speech-Language Pathology

Tina Gasee

Speech Language Pathologist (Vaughan)

Danielle Ferguson

Speech Language Pathologist (Burlington)

Cierra Wojewida

Communication Disorders Assistant (Vaughan)


Amanda Byrne

Chiropractor (Burlington)

Giulia Palazzo

Chiropractor (Vaughan)


Andrea Chan

Intensive Co-Ordinator  (Vaughan)

Alexandra Lavalle

Administration  (Burlington)

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Administration (Burlington)

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Administration (Vaughan)

Therapy Dog


Therapy Dog (Vaughan)